How To Be A Good Listener.

Are you a good speaker? If yes, then you are only half way of being a good leader. Many of us are really good at speaking but not listening. When we’re found to be in an argument or discussion, we tend to be more involved in speaking rather than listening. At some point we may create an impression to others but we will at the same time lose all the important points.

Listening is a great skill that completes the half way of being a good speaker and the two of it combined is what makes us an effective leader. With a proper understanding of content and expression, we can learn a lot about the theme and also the speaker. Here are few tips on how to be a better listener.

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How To Overcome Your Anxiety And Blend With People

Blending with people is not as easy as it sounds for some of us. The ability to enter a new space, meet new people and get well in sync with them is not one that most people have. We are held back by many reasons ranging from language barriers to being introverts, close-minded or uncomfortable around people we have no history with. There are ways to get around a few of the things which hold us back from easily connecting with people and becoming more sociable.

Herein are a few steps you can take as you look to overcome the inability to blend easily.

1. Avoid food that triggers anxiety

If you are the type who becomes anxious when taken away from your comfort zone, then you should avoid consuming foods and beverages which cause anxiety. Have a balanced diet that cuts out alcohol, coffee and other caffeinated edibles. There is a myriad of edibles you can take instead of anxiety-triggering foods.

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Armani suit, silk tie, shoes of woodland and a dynamic style; you see a person who symbolizes himself as a complete gentlemen and just the other moment, you watch him spitting tobacco just beside the red carpet. You will turn your face from him the very next second. What made this person look low in your eye? Manners, right?

The above example simply shows us that, the way you’re dressed only participates to the first impression people will get by seeing you. Manners are just the ways  things are done or happens. While mannerism is just a habitual gesture or way of speaking or behaving. It is the salt to one’s personality. Just as the presence of salt is never noticed but its absence can be  felt clearly, in a similar way. Manners always hide behind personality but the moment they fade away from personality, its absence can be clearly felt. Learn to control yourself even if you are the type of guy like me, who use to be crazy almost all the time.

I take myself as exemple because I know how hard it can be when it comes to self-control. There are thing you can do in order to improve your manners.

  1. Talk to others with respect.
  2. Walk with discipline.
  3. Have a proper body language.
  4. Avoid being too loud when speaking to others.

All these little things merge up to form manners in the body. You can say one’s personality is fully developed if that person runs low on manners. In fact, manners is the most basic thing when you want to build your personality.

Whatever you do, wherever  you go and whatover time it may be, make sure you throw the charm of your personality on others, thereby flattering them, you need to carry some manners, coz manners in a man makes him a gentleman.

People with good manners always get the respect they deserve. Try to improve your manners by practicing the tips above. Thanks, and see y’all next time for more about personality development.

Learn TO Say “NO”


Most peoples sometimes don’t have the courage to say No because, they’re are too scared about the reaction of the person they’re interaction with. We always feel like being mean or rude when we do so. And though, making ourselves available for them.  But let me tell you, if you stay too easy and available for others, people won’t take any kind of hesitation to take you for granted. Continue reading “Learn TO Say “NO””



The way of handling a speech is highly determinant on the type of people you are at some point. If you are well dressed and also have the charisma but not communication skills, it may leave a huge gap in your personality.

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